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90+ Actotrace Calf Bolus - Support Weaned Calves at Grass

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Utilisation of of carbohydrates, protein and fats relies on sufficient essential trace elements and B vitamins which historic forage mineral analysis data shows to be low to at best 'low,average '

So, test your forage, set your targets for daily live weight gain, weight at bulling, age at calving (average dlwg again) and then consider a solution to support those needs - Utilise that forage....

ACTOTRACE 90+ Calf bolus, administer from 90kg and up 200kg. It supplies copper, cobalt,selenium, iodine,zinc and now vitamin B1 and all from 1.5p per day. Compare that to a broad spectrum mineral bucket that you hope every animal will take at a cost of around £550/T. That is 5.5p per 100gms and lets say a weaned animal will consume 100 gms per day, well that is 5.5p per head per day vs 1.5p per day for the bolus and we know the animal has actually recieved the bolus and has definitely had essential supplementation.

Worth reviewing due to poor trace element availability in the forage, it does supply essential elements for enzyme function and forage utilisation and it lasts all grazing season (6 months).

Don't waste potential growth, do something positive..

Final reason to consider the bolus: Based on a kilo of live weight being worth around £2.00, every 100 gms is worth 20p, add just 100 gms of extra live weight per day and the bolus is paid for in 2 weeks, if it was as low as 50 gms per day then it is paid for within 1 month (it lasts for 6 months remember)

Call Wessex Animal Health on 01425 474455 if you require more info or order online

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