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Grassland Fertiliser

We supply a full range of compounds from CF and Yara as well as blends from various suppliers throughout the UK.

D A Chapman & Sons tried KAN Sweet-Grass and are delighted with the results.

Having heard the benefits from ACT’s Graham Carter, the Bodmin-based Dairy farmers purchased 28.2 tonnes.

“The cows grazed tighter straight away,”

explained Mark Chapman.

As well as the grazing benefits seen by the brothers, switching the 200 dairy cow herd from straight nitrogen to KAN Sweet-Grass will have had financial benefits.

Based on Bangor University research, the ACT Sweet-Grass calculator demonstrates an additional 9.9% in milk yield and increases in butterfat.

Dairy cows grazing on a field of lush grass

Why use ACT Sweet-Grass?

  • KAN stabilised N

       Sustained release N to maintain even grass growth


  • Sustained release S

       Sustained release S for maximum uptake


  • Ideal N:S ratio (12:1)

       Maximises DM yield, protein production & N utilisation


  • Sodium level as per RB209

       Optimises palatability, DM intake and grass utilisation


  • Calcium and magnesium

       Increases mineral content and feed value of grass


Use the Sweet-Grass calculator or App

to demonstrate the value

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