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Silage Additives

(Biological Silage Additive)

Treating your silage with Silo Action

  • Reduces fermentation losses in the clamp and can give you an extra 45 tonnes extra silage to feed, for every 1000 tonnes ensiled

  • Protects protein quality, in terms of more true protein, giving an extra 1.1litres of milk/cow/day and an extra 90grams lwg in beef

  • Significantly reduces effluent flow

  • Enables foraging in less than ideal conditions, where low sugars can be an issue


Silo Action

  • Contains four elite strains of bacteria, including a Fructan degrading bacteria which ensures a cool rapid fermentation

  • Applies 1 million bacteria per gram of grass

  • Requires no pre-preparation so is ready to go when you are

  • Available in conventional and ULV formulations

  • Compatible for use in Organic production systems

Silage pit and digger
Coolsile IBC

(Exclusive to ACT)

A combination of preservative and bacteria.

Coolsile Plus comes as a barrel and sachet; the sachet is added to the barrel on the day of use. The combination is applied at 1 litre per tonne of grass silage and 1.5 litres per tonne of wholecrop.


  • Cool silage clamps

  • Improved animal performance

  • Safe and easy to use

  • Enhanced silage quality

  • Preserves true protein

  • Maximise silage energy


Maize and Wholecrop cereal silages are prone to mould growth and heating in the trough or at the clamp face when the crop is fed.

Heating uses energy, reducing the feed value of the crop by up to 25%, and moulds can produce micotoxins which can reduce animal output.

ACT offers three options:

Silo-Action Maize 

Silo Action Maize is an advanced biological additive which keeps maize cool and stable and is ideal when maize is used for summer buffer feeding. Silo Action Maize applies 1 million bacteria per gram of maize which produce a range of acid which control moulds and yeasts. The face remains cool once opened. Treated maize will also improve animal performance at feed out. Avaialble as conventional 2 litres/tonne or ULV application.


Coolsile is a  preservative which will inhibit moulds and yeasts and will therefore reduce heating. Coolsile is ideal to ‘seal the clamp’ before sheeting @ 0.25L per metre squared.


Coolsile treated maize silage can be fed soon after sealing the clamp. Available in 25L, 200L and 1000L IBC.

Silo Action Wholecrop

Wholecrop it is prone to aerobic spoilage at feed out if not treated with an effective additive. Silo Action Wholecrop uses one million hetrofermtative bacteria per gram of wholecrop which produce a range of acids to control spoilage organisms.


This produces a cool, stable, well fermented Wholecrop Silage giving you increased animal performance.


Silo Action Wholecrop can be used in dry matters from 30-75% and keeps the face cool and stable for up to 5 days.


Available as conventional 2 Litres/tonne or ULV formulation.

Forage Maize Harvesting
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