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A lineup of cows grazing in a field
A group of sheep in a field

Actolick Mineral Buckets

A versatile range for all feeding situations

  • Combines highly available energy from molasses and cereals

  • Convenient to feed and unaffected by weather

  • Contain protected energy from up to 10% Megalac inclusion

  • Contain all essential vitamins and trace elements

  • Actolick Sheep High Energy

  • Actolick Sheep Mineral Balancer

  • Actolick Cattle High Energy

  • Actolick Pre-Calver

  • Actolick Suckler Cow

  • Actolick Cattle Mineral Balancer

  • Actolick Dry Cow Mineral Balancer

  • Actolick High Magnesium

  • Actolick Sheep High Mag

  • Actolick Universal

  • Actolick Buzz Off

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