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Baler Twine/String

This is made from polymers, into ribbon which is then fibrillated in a random fish net pattern and then twisted to give strength. Not all baler twine is the same, they vary slightly in feel, performance and price. ACT will supply you with the product that suits the baling you are doing, that might be Fine, Med, Hay, Hesston 86/72/68, traditional twin spool packs, large 20KG twin spool packs or even larger single spools. What product are you baling? How dense are you baling?.  What baler have you got?  More importantly, what have you used in the past? Does it do what you want? Is it the best value for you?

ACT works with manufacturing partners and draws high quality, technically advanced twine products from major international brands and the remaining British manufacturer. ACT can guide you through the selection, this can be especially helpful as you change your baling and are inundated with information from manufacturers at the agricultural shows extolling the virtues of new and ever more fantastic Twines for the big square high density balers.  With excellent technical backup we can also help you minimise any issues or down time you may encounter.

2 spools of baler twine
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