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A row of young calves drinking milk from a feeder


We pride ourselves on the quality of our milk replacers and our knowledge of what makes them a ‘PREMIUM’ range.


With over ten 100% milk protein powders available (no vegetable protein),

we pride ourselves on supplying the best products available.


Our Britmilk range is superb, with a range of well-priced whey based powders up to an elite range

of 100% milk protein Skim based powders.

Our ‘ACTION’ Calf Milk Replacer range:

100% milk protein. 50-60% skim milk.

Made from milk from UK dairy cows and manufactured in the UK.

High Performance Beef/Dairy Rearing range:

Where the highest daily live-weight gains are required

(All 100% milk protein & all skim based)



Dairy/Beef Rearing range:

(All whey based except Supreme 35)


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