Our Action Milk Replacers are manufactured in the UK to a high specification and all mix and feed extremely well.

For Dairy Replacements


Action Super Calf

A whey based powder giving excellent growth rates, contains 18% Oil / 22% Protein  and 500iu Vitamin E

(double the Vitamin E of the market leader!)


Also available for machine feeding where a free-flow powder is required  


For calves which are going to market


Action Supreme 35 

A 35% Skim Based powder giving exception bloom on the coat and excellent growth rates, contains 17% Oil 23% Protein

500iu Vitamin E


For beef calves


Action Super Beef 

A whey based powder for rearing beef calves where a more economical milk replacer is required. Contains 17% Oil

22% Protein 250 iu Vitamin E



All Action Calf Milk Replacers include ‘Greenline’ a unique diverse blend of nutritional ingredients which help to support and maintain calf health and performance.


‘Our animals transition very well from cow’s milk onto Action Super Beef Milk Replacer’ says Alan Lavender who rears up to 500 beef calves in partnership with his wife Tiggy and son Robert, near Dorking in Surrey ‘the powder mixes and feeds extremely well and there is no sediment after the calves have finished feeding in our milk bar system. We have also been able to up the powder intake without the calves scouring. The calves wean off the powder well and continue to grow strongly’