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Good Silage is a valuable asset. To get the most value out of the clamp protect the silage sheets with a cover sheet.  Laid over the top of the clamp and ideally secured down with gravel bags,  the covers will gently press down on and protect, keeping the polythene snuggly on top of the silage securing them against storms, UV degradation  from sunlight and almost eradicate bird and pest damage. 


Using a good quality cover can have the added benefit of ridding the clamp of old tyres and avoid the risk of tyre wire in cows. There are sizes available to suit all clamps. ACT have supplied covers that have survived double the guarantee period of 7 years anti UV. A sound, long term investment that will save hours of labour, increase the value of forage in your clamp and reduce the brought in food cost to your stock.    

Click here for information on Passion Ag Film - Oxygen Barrier Sheets.

2 farmers stood on a large silage clamp covered with secure coers
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