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AdBlue®is the registered trademark for AUS32, or Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5% solution of high-purity urea in 67.5% specific quality and high purity deionised water,  that is used with the Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) to reduce emissions of Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) generically referred to as NOx  which also covers Nitric Oxide (NO).  It is essential to purchase from a supplier who sells  Diesel Exhaust Fluid  (DEF)  / AdBlue® to the global ISO specification. ISO22241.  



The DEF fluid (AdBlue®) is precision injected into the exhaust system after the particulate filters. The fluid then vaporises and mixes with the gasses in the exhaust system, the resultant ammonia/NOx mix  feeds the SCR = Selective Catalytic Reduction system. The reaction in the SCR reduces the NOx so the exhaust emits Nitrogen and water vapour instead. Economical in use – consumption is between 3% & 6%, of diesel used - as a rule of thumb for tractors, allow 5%.


AdBlue®  (DEF) should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated area, between -10°C and 32°C,  out of direct sunlight, dust free and preferably covered so no moisture can enter via any pressure valves or  breather holes on the containers, e g. snow can cause contamination as it melts if allowed to accumulate on the top of the containers. The type of contamination is detectable initially by refractometer and then checked by  expensive testing so best just keep it clean, really clean e.g. If you are washing out a jug  to transfer it or rinsing a funnel do it with de-mineralised water or better still, use AdBlue®. Washing with “clean” tap water  will contaminate the AdBlue® even after the funnel /jug has dried.   AdBlue® (DEF)  is mildly corrosive and should not be stored in, or dispensed from equipment made of mild steel, brass, copper or aluminium as these elements will contaminate the SCR and can cause irreversible damage to the catalyst.  AdBlue® Freezes at -11.5 ºC;  Freezing and thawing will not degrade the fluid. And do not use AdBlue® containers with broken seals or transfer containers that are left opened. Currently there is no requirement in the UK for storage with a bund so most efficient method is to use the 1 cube metre intermediate bulk container (IBC). 

AdBlue IBC

AdBlue® is sensitive to extreme temperatures, It  Freezes at -11.5 ºC;  Freezing and thawing will not degrade the fluid.  The Urea content can decrease at temperatures of 30c and above so needs to be stored out of direct sunlight particularly in hot weather.   Provided that it is kept in the optimal conditions i.e. out of direct sunlight and at a temperature between -6°C and 25°C — your AdBlue® can last up to 18 months in storage. After 18 months a regular check with a refractometer is recommended. If kept between -5°C and 10°C it could last up to 3 years - we would advise against using it at that age! So as the weather in the UK is somewhere in between the two examples  ACT recommend you follow all our advice on storage and cleanliness, and aim to use and replace your AdBlue® in 9 to 18month cycles.  If in doubt call your ACT area manager and get some sound advice.

To buy AdBlue® order from your ACT Area Manager or call free phone and place the order direct with the Office  

For more information or pricing, please call

08000 275 276

AdBlue Diagram
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