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Oils are the unsung heroes on your farm, ACT believes that our 40 year partnership with Fuchs Oils, working from their Silkolene production plant in Stoke, offers the best value solutions for your farm machines. As the largest worldwide independent lubrication specialist, Fuchs don’t just meet specification but have past expensive and exhaustive testing for type approval by the leading machine and engine manufacturers. The high quality, Agrifarm branded, range by Fuchs oils, offer the ultimate protection for your expensive machines. ACT can offer Fuchs oils at prices that are competitive against other premier lube oil blenders. ACT can advise on which oils will suit your fleet, or suit your individual vehicles. If you have a contract for maintenance you need to make sure the contractor is using OEM approved lube oils and not simply the cheapest the contractor can buy, or he will be the one charging you to rebuild the engine or transmission or replace the hydraulic hoses.


If you have upgraded or changed your tractors then make sure you are using the right oil for them. Call ACT with the make, model, variant and age of your tractors, combines and other machines and we will find the best oil solution that best suits your fleet.

ACT Oils for anything from standing engines for renewable power generation to your Quad bikes, the farms trucks and cars, chainsaws, milking machines and everything else that needs oils. A full range of greases: Antifreeze, Coolant fluids, Cleaning liquids or over winter Protection Films, penetrating oils, copper slip, and maintenance fluids in aerosol cans or 20ltrs containers,   FUCHS and ACT can get the right product for you.

Lubrication Oils, Greases and Supporting Products

lineup of lubrication products in blue barrels and bottles

A variety of Grease Guns, from small push guns to ultra efficient vacuum double handed guns and even Cordless electric or air operated guns, Grease pumps, Oil vacuums, barrel Pumps, barrel racks, storage cabinets……. virtually everything you might need for fuels Oils and greases.



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