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Consistency? Are you always getting a good competitive deal price on fuel or just some of the time?  Do you spend hours calling round to check prices and then later in the day find you haven’t got through all the jobs you wanted to?  As an ACT member we can offer you an unsurpassed service that will check prices daily, do all the phone work, process and record all deliveries and of course, you benefit from ACT credit facility free of charge. Saving you paper work, time and money with prices kept competitively low… consistently. Hassle free assurance.


Call for the following fuels:

  • Red diesel

  • EN590 Red diesel

  • Heating red diesel (Non engine)

  • Road Derv (white diesel) Adblue

  • Premium Kerosene

  • Clean line deliveries for AGA Type burners

Fuel Tanker refilling a Fuel Station on farm
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