Highly effective cleaning products suitable for daily and every other day collections

DX Tanks

Action DX Tank Cleaner

Formulated to be equivalent to the market leader Action D X Tank Cleaner has high levels of sequestrients which soften water and a  high alkalinity which combined with chlorine delivers efficient cleaning power. Action D X Tank Cleaner is most effective when used as a hot (D X Tank) wash and can also be used as a liquid alkaline circulation cleaner.

Pack size: 25L, 200L & 1000L IBC


Use Acidbrite once a week or on the acid setting of your tank’s wash programme.

Acidbrite is a unique product containing Methane Sulphonic Acid and has better descaling properties than Milkstone Remover

(phosphoric acid)

Acidbrite contains a blend of powerful surfactants which aid in the removal of fat.

Pack size: 25L