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PharmaTRAC - The Total Digestive Support For Horses

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Gastric upset can be the cause of a range of issues with horses, from stressed and difficult behaviour to sensitivity around the girth area. Supporting the horse’s gastric environment can, in turn, help to eliminate or improve difficult behaviour, as well as help to make your horse more comfortable and support performance.

PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support is a proven supplement which provides total digestive support for horses by targeting both the foregut and hindgut. When fed alongside correct feeding routines, PharmaTRAC helps to maintain a healthy gastric environment by supporting optimum pH in the horse’s hindgut and ensuring normal fermentation patterns. The PharmaTRAC powder is highly palatable and supports CleanSport.

Add PharmaTRAC to your horse’s diet when experiencing:

- Loose droppings

- Weight loss

- Lack of appetite

- Stressful situations when maximum support is required

- Changes in diet/forage

- Long periods of travel or box rest

- Before strenuous exercise

All BETTA Life products contain the highest specification ingredients with zero fillers or bulking agents. Try PharmaTRAC today and join the BETTA Life team. Take a look at a few of our PharmaTRAC reviews below:

"This does wonders for my horse. His stomach is better, and therefore his behaviour is better. I was attracted to PharmaTRAC as it's not a calmer, but its properties mean that the horse feels better and is therefore calmer. This is absolutely correct, and I know this because there is pretty much immediately a difference if I run out (I buy the bigger pack). Thoroughly recommend. He's been on it about a year and will stay on it." - Emily-Louise

"We've been feeding Daphne PharmaTRAC and PharmaPlast for two weeks with absolutely no other changes to her feed rations. What a difference!! We have to be so careful with what we feed Daphne due to Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome, but she is looking good and feeling amazing, all thanks to these great supplements. These products really work!" - Eve Duggan

"Excellent product! I was recommended PharmaTRAC for my 25yr old thoroughbred who suffered from loose droppings. I had tried a turmeric supplement in the hope it would help with stiffness in her hocks, however she became very loose and I had to discontinue it. PharmaTRAC worked within hours of feeding it to her to firm up her droppings! She also is very sensitive when starting the next round bale of hay, meaning I needed to mix it in gradually over a week, otherwise she would become loose. For this reason, I have continued to use PharmaTRAC, it has definitely helped her. Wouldn't be without it. Thank you." - Jenny

For further information on BETTA Life PharmaTRAC and how it can help your horse, please contact us on 01425 474455

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