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Pour On Iodine 2.5ltr

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Topical Iodine is a pour on Iodine that is designed to be absorbed through the skin rather than rely on the cow licking it off.

Cows that present with low blood Iodine may be at risk of late gestation abortions in the worst case scenario and also stillbirth. The effect of cows calving down with low Iodine will most likely result in low plasma tyroxine blood levels in the calf.

Once born the calf cannot convert Iodine into tyroxine. Low tyroxine in the new born calf is

essentially "The Unviable Calf" and visa versa. Calf's (with low tyroxine) will present with a range of disease such as:

Tachycardia (rapid heart beat)

Hyperthermia or sub clinical hyperthermia (cold calf syndrome)

The evidence at a farm level for these problems will be seen in the worst cases as involuntary reflux (calves that can't catch their breath and die soon after birth from asphyxia)

Calves that refuse to suckle and therefore need to be nursed (Cold calf)

And more importantly... they will suffer from low immunity as they begin to encounter

environmental challenges. (Iodine and Selenium are the key nutrients responsible for controlling

immunity in calves and lambs). For the cow the main effect after calving of low blood iodine is

usually seen as hard to detect heats or "silent heats" during the breeding season.

Administer 2-3 weeks before calving and 1st service

Each pack will treat approx. 83 cows

Can also be used for sheep requiring Iodine supplementation

Administer 2-3 weeks before lambing or tupping


Cattle: A single 30ml application (equals 1000mg of Iodine) will ensure enough Iodine is provided for up to 3 weeks.

Sheep: A single 5ml application for ewes (equals 166mg of Iodine) will ensure enough Iodine is provided for up to 3 weeks.

A single 10ml application for ewes grazing on brassica (equals 332mg of Iodine) will ensure enough Iodine is provided for up to 3 weeks.

Pack Size: 2.5ltr

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