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Kilcox Extra

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Kilcox Extra is a heavy duty disinfectant for the control of Coccidiosis & Cryptosporidium. A blend of high grade synthetic phenol, glutaraldehyde and a quaternary ammonium compound. Proven coccidial and terminal disinfectant

DEFRA approved

Broad spectrum - effective against parasites (including eimeria) & viruses / bacteria

Can be used in: Poultry / Pig / Sheep & Cattle

Low odour

Recommended Rates

For standard terminal disinfection purposes use at 1% v/v

Recommended dilution 2-3% v/v in use for specific coccidial challenge

4% can be used for severe challenge and/or in low temperatures

Apply dilution at 0.3L per square metre, spray the building and all equipment

Pack Size: 5ltrs

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