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We specialise in providing Animal Health products such as wormers, fly control, vaccine, calving and lambing essentials for cattle and sheep as well as a full range of competitively priced horse wormers and equine veterinary and health supplies.

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Hoof Fit Spray Intracare

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Intracare Hoof-fit Spray is a unique development with a specially created ‘pearl-network’ to keep the active substances homogeneous in solution and ensures that the product sticks firmly to the hoof. Spot-spraying on the hoof guarantees long contact time at a lower dosage. Adhesion is excellent even on wet skin or hooves. Using Intra Hoof-fit Spray reduces the waste caused by runoff on the floor.

Using the Intra Hoof-fit technology significantly improves animal welfare and reduces the use of antibiotics. Thereby it helps in the battle to reduce antibiotic resistance.


  • Ready-to-use. Apply using a low pressure sprayer or automatic sprayer.
  • If applicable, secure animals using a headlock
  • Clean the claws and inter-digital space by spraying with water
  • Spray Intra Hoof-fit Spray onto the back of the claws and the inter-digital spaces
  • Apply once a day, for 2 consecutive days. Repeat every other week.

Pack Size: 10ltrs

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