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Equimax Horse Wormer

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Legal Category: POM-VPS

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Equimax horse wormer is for the treatment of mixed cestode and nematode or arthropod infestations, due to adult and immature roundworms, lungworms, bots and tapeworms in horses:

As tapeworm infestation is unlikely to occur in horses before two months of age, treatment of foals below this age is not considered necessary.

Dosage: 200 µg of Ivermectin and 1.5 mg of Praziquantel per kg of bodyweight corresponding to 1.07 g of paste per 100 kg bodyweight

To ensure administration of a correct dose, bodyweight should be determined as accurately as possible and the correct syringe division selected

Active Ingredient: Ivermectin & Praziquantel

Withdrawal: Meat withdrawal 35 days

Not permitted for use in horses producing milk for human consumption

Pack Size: Calibrated Syringe, will treat up to a 700kg horse

Data Sheet: Equimax Oral Gel

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