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Calf Defender 2.8kg

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Calf Defender is a 5 in 1 supplement for calves in their first 7-10 of life and can be added to colostrum/whole milk/milk replacer.

This product is targeted at supporting calves with scour problems related to Cryptosporidium, Rotavirus, Coronavirus, Ecoli, Salmonella + other gram positive bacteria.

  • Calf Defender contains functional proteins which line the gut of the calf and help prevent bad organisms (including viruses) from attaching to the gut lining and causing damage
  • Calf Defender contains Biocox (Natural Plant Extracts and essential oils) to help restrict the multiplication of oocyst (eggs) in the gut.
  • Calf Defender contains a massive level of probiotic (billions) of good bacteria to completely dominate the gut flora and maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria over bad.
  • Calf Defender contains a prebiotic (MOS - mannan oligosaccharides) which are specific sugar molecules which attach to bad bacteria and take them out of the gut and again encouraging a better balance between good beneficial bacteria and bad ones.
  • Calf Defender also contains Beta-Glucans to improve the immune response when challenged with disease.

Feeding Rate

2.8kg feeds 16 calves for 7 days

1 x 12.5g scoop twice a day = 25g

Pack size: 2.8kg

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