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Actotrace Lamb Finisher

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Actotrace Lamb Finisher bolus our new bolus, designed to our own high specifications. It's designed for growing lambs over 20kg that are subject to a trace element deficiency.

This bolus delivers 175mg Cobalt per bolus which is over 75% more than the amount found in some other lamb finisher boluses.

This version DOES NOT contain copper but has high levels of Selenium, Iodine and also Zinc & Vit B1.

Ideally given at 20kg to maximise the value & growth potential of the lambs and ensure the 250-350 grams per day in growth can be achieved.

Essential for use in lambs on brassicas/roots due to the very high levels of Iodine contained in the lamb finisher bolus.

Cobalt is the key limiting trace element that affects sheep and this bolus contains the highest levels in any 6 month lamb finishing bolus product on the market.

Each Bolus Contains

Cobalt 175mg

Selenium 50mg

Iodine 375mg

Zinc 200mg

B1 400mg

Dosage: 1 bolus per Lamb

Pack Size: 100 Boluses & 250 Boluses

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