(Biological Silage Additive)

Treating your silage with Silo Action

  • Reduces fermentation losses in the clamp and can give you an extra 45 tonnes extra silage to feed, for every 1000 tonnes ensiled

  • Protects protein quality, in terms of more true protein, giving an extra 1.1litres of milk/cow/day and an extra 90grams lwg in beef

  • Significantly reduces effluent flow

  • Enables foraging in less than ideal conditions, where low sugars can be an issue


Silo Action

  • Contains four elite strains of bacteria, including a Fructan degrading bacteria which ensures a cool rapid fermentation

  • Applies 1 million bacteria per gram of grass

  • Requires no pre-preparation so is ready to go when you are

  • Available in conventional and ULV formulations

  • Compatible for use in Organic production systems


(Exclusive to ACT)

A combination of preservative and bacteria.

Coolsile Plus comes as a barrel and sachet; the sachet is added to the barrel on the day of use. The combination is applied at 1 litre per tonne of grass silage and 1.5 litres per tonne of wholecrop.


  • Cool silage clamps

  • Improved animal performance

  • Safe and easy to use

  • Enhanced silage quality

  • Preserves true protein

  • Maximise silage energy