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Provita Lamb Colostrum

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Provita Lamb Colostrum is specifically formulated to supplement natural colostrum from the ewe in the event that the ewe has little or no colostrum or where there is any doubt that the lamb has received an adequate intake of colostrum. It should be fed as soon as possible after birth and ideally during the first 12 hours of life. Add 50g to 100ml of warm water, whisk thoroughly and feed to the lamb through a teat or by using a large syringe and stomach tube

Provita Lamb Colostrum is an alternative to natural colostrum for newborn lambs. It contains natural EU sourced dried colostrum and a high level of active egg powder proteins which help protect the newborn lamb. Provita Lamb Colostrum also helps lambs by providing a readily available supply of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. The form of carbohydrate will rapidly raise the lamb’s blood sugar level, giving the lamb energy to maintain body temperature and to get up and suckle quickly. It mixes easily in luke-warm water.

When to use Provita Lamb Colostrum:
At birth to help the lamb get up and suckle.

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